Sunday, May 24, 2009

A quick catch up

So, I guess it has been a while since I've posted anything. We have been going non-stop the past few months, so let me fill everyone in...

First, some great news! Matthew is just about cleared from his peanut allergy!! We've been taking him to the chiropractor since he was a few months old. One day while we were waiting in his office I saw a sign that said to ask about chiropractic solutions to allergies. I assumed that it was for pollen since it was about that time of year, but made a mental note to ask about food allergies. Sure enough, Dr. Bowker said that he could help and over a series of treatments Matthew's brain would be "reprogrammed" so it wouldn't view peanuts as an allergen. Steven jokes and just calls it voodoo. This website explains it all. Its amazing! Matthew has been eating small amounts of peanut butter 3 times a day, everyday for about a month now...with NO reactions! Praise the Lord!

Some other "exciting" but maybe not so great news is that our house was just broken into! The police figure it was just some kid since it was mostly just a smash and grab. I keep Matthew's diaper bag right by the door, they probably saw it, thought it was a purse so they went for it. The crazy part was that it was in the middle of the night while we were home! They smashed the window on our door with a brick....completely shattering the window, (there was glass covering all my kitchen and some of the dining room) and we didn't hear a thing! Steven's parents were visiting that same weekend. His dad was the one who discovered it all and woke us up by calling for us (very loudly). Honestly, we were both pretty annoyed that he was waking us up at 6:30 on a Saturday! Steven commented that he was going to be coming back to bed once he went to see what his dad wanted. But when he came back to our room all he said was "The backdoor window is broken is and there is a brick outside, I think we were broken into." then he left. That was it. So you can just imagine the whirlwind that started. Praise the Lord I had taken my wallet and check book out of the diaper bag that same night and switched it over to a purse! Praise the Lord nothing more serious happened! We now have a beautiful new door with new locks! That was one house project that was scheduled for the summer and was done a lot earlier expected!

Lastly, Steven is going to, Lord willing, get a decent break this summer! Because of cut backs in the Gaston Co. school system there is no summer school (he was planning to teach) and he has decided to pass on taking summer classes at UNCC. So, he will be working at the video store still, but he will be home more and able to do some real vacationing! He only has 2 more weeks of school left, then he will be at camp for a week! It is going to be a great summer!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Beauty of Sunflowers...

I have always loved sunflowers. I think they are beautiful, cheery and they can really brighten up a room! And now I have learned that the seeds from these pretty flowers can be made into a delicious food called "sunbutter." I've found it for sale at Harris Teeter, and Trader Joe's, but I've heard that EarthFare carries it as well. Although it's a bit on the pricey side, it will be gracing our pantry shelves for the next year, or quite possibly forever.

I took Matthew to get tested for a peanut allergy this past Tuesday, and the first test came back positive. There is one more test we are waiting to hear back from, but the only way we can try giving Matthew peanuts is if both tests come back negative. So, in addition to the sunbutter in our pantry, we also have one bottle of Benadryl in his diaper bag as well as an epi pen, and another epi pen in the medicine cabinet. Lord willing we will never have to use them! Matthew can get tested every year to see if he outgrows the allergy. His doctor said that doesn't happen very often, but it is possible.

While we were waiting for the first test results, another doctor told me about this sunbutter. It's similar to peanut butter, and (the best part!) there is no cross contamination from being processed on the same equipment as peanuts. Apparently most other kinds of nut butters can at some point come in contact with peanuts causing an allergic reaction. On the back of the sunbutter label it says very clearly that it was processed in a peanut free environment! Reading labels is going to be one of the biggest things that I do now, especially when I go grocery shopping!

I'm glad we know that he does have this allergy. It's been a lot easier this week knowing what I need to avoid. There is still a lot that we are learning and figuring out. We could still use prayer concerning some decisions we might have to make, or judgement calls dealing with certain foods, and even that Matthew might grow out of this! It has been fun giving him sunbutter and jelly sandwiches this week...he loves them and its cute watching him eat it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"All that is good...."

Some thoughts from my morning devotions...

I've been reading a devotional book called "The Bathtub is Overflowing but I feel Drained" by Lysa TerKeurst. The chapter I read this morning was just what I've been needing to read, as it dealt with something I've been struggling with for quite some time now. It started out talking about how every woman loves a good love story. We love reading about the obviously strong attractions, we love wondering if the guy will get the girl. We hold our breaths as we read to find out there is some circumstance looming over them that might keep them apart. And we all love to have our hearts cheer (and possibly even shed a tear or two) when they finally kiss and have that happy ever after. Lysa says "Why are we so moved by these stories? I believe it is because God designed out hearts for an eternal love story, our love story with Jesus."

Once I read that, my heart was already beating a little faster. I knew this was going to be a good time with the Lord, a time that would really stick in my heart. The next few paragraphs could not have said it better...I hate to say it, but it was my relationship to a "T." Lysa quoted some women who she had talked to..."I love God, but I'm sad to say my actions don't reflect that very often. I always seem to be answering the urgent calls of my children. Therefore, I never quite make time to hear God's voice." Another said "When I was in college I studied my Bible and made time for God. Now I feel so distant from Him. I've stopped trying to spend time with Him because putting a quiet time on my to-do list made me feel like a failure when I never got to it." Let me just say that it really hurt to read that and know exactly where these women were coming from. Why is it so easy to put the Lord on a back burner? I hate doing the dishes...and putting away why is it I can get this stuff done but not have time for the Lord whom I love? Lysa explained that when God's life giving principles are turned into another item on our daily lists, or even a rule we try to follow it becomes another source of stress.

Recognize that all that is good in our lives comes from God, and praising Him for that. That was the first suggestion she made to help find your (my) way back to my true love. She advised writting a list of at least 5 things that were good about different part of my life (my relationship with God, my marriage, my kids, friends, home, misistry....) The second was acknowledging your hearts tug for eternity. To put it simply "When a longing in my heart starts discouraging me, I make the choice to turn it around by seeing it as a reminder of my first love. If nothing here ever disappointed me, I would be tempted to become satisfied without Jesus." No matter what the disappointment (an argument, a change of plans, an encounter with a rude person, a bad hair day...) ask Jesus to fill you, and be drawn to Him. "They are temporary and not worth being worked up over." The last suggestion was to choose to let the Holy Spirit have full reign in your life. Choose to model a gentle quiet spirit and to live as Jesus desires us to.

After taking all this in, writing out my list and studying some Scripture, my heart was full with praise, love, and a reminder of who my first true love is.
Ps. 63:1; 71:5-8

Monday, March 2, 2009

What an amazing weekend! It flew by, but there were so many memories made in just a few short days! Matthew turned one last Thursday. Steven took the day off work so we could be together as a family. We took Matthew out to chick-fil-a for ice cream and some play time in the play place. We had my mom and Ken, Juhye, Priscilla and Ian over for dinner. It's tradition in our family for the one celebrating their b-day to pick what is served for dinner that night. I picked Matthew's favorite things...peas and mac'n cheese. I think he was pleased.

Saturday was the party. My biggest concern was that Matthew wouldn't take his afternoon nap. He has recently been keeping himself awake by throwing out his lovey or passy, or talking to himself, or doing whatever necessary to keep from falling asleep. I was so excited to walk past his room and hear quiet! He slept for a little over an hour. In that time, Steven and finished getting the house ready for the party. We had blown up balloons the night before so we put those out, we moved the kitchen table to the side of the room so little people and not so little people would have more space and we set the food out. We had most things ready by the time Matthew woke up. The look on his face was priceless when he saw all the balloons on the floor. He started pointing and saying "ba!" (his word for balloon) If that was all that happened that afternoon, his day would have been just fine. He did so great with the house full of guests. He loved his cake and all the ice cream Steven gave to him. For those wondering, he did sleep that
night! The sugar didn't seem to bother him that much, but I'm not going to try for a repeat.

To top it all off, Sunday night it snowed! We got about 3 inches. I know some people think that is nothing to fret about, but here in Charlotte that is a blizzard. I ran out to the store to pick up milk and bread in case we got "snowed-in." Schools were canceled for Monday, and now they are canceling them for Tuesday as well. Lots of places lost power and the snow that did melt is expected to freeze overnight again. We took Matthew out to play in the snow this morning. I think he enjoyed it more now that he can walk. Steven made a makeshift sled out of a crate and some bungee cords. He is such a good dad! Maybe we will get to go sledding again tomorrow!

Despite the weather, I took Matthew to his 1 year check up. His doctor said that everything looks great. Matthew is healthy, growing well according to his growth scale (he is only in the 5% in weight and height) and doing well developmentally. However, we do need to take him to an allergist. We had to take him to the ER a few weeks ago because he had a reaction to some peanut butter. Matthew's Dr. wants us to get him tested because this could be a pretty serious allergy. I will be calling to schedule an appointment tomorrow. Please pray that these tests would come back negative. I would hate for Matthew to have to grow up dealing with a peanut allergy. Thanks!

Monday, February 23, 2009


After much encouragement from friends, I (we) finally created an account and set up a blog. I'm kind of excited about it, definately intimidated by it, and slightly confused on setting all this up. We'll see how well I do, and if I can get the hang of it. It took me quite a while to even find where to type a post (even though it says "posting" really big at the top of the screen). I don't think I'm off to a good start....

I guess this is a fun time for us to start blogging. Matthew's birthday is tomorrow, so there is a lot going on around our house. It is so hard for us to believe that he is going to be a year old! Where did this year go? I had the hardest time putting him to bed tonight. I just wanted to rock him and hold him. I felt like it was the last night I would put my "baby" to bed. Tomorrow night, will be the first night I put my toddler to bed. I think its silly really. He isn't going to change drastically overnight. I know he isn't going to wake up tomorrow running instead of walking or saying more words than the few he says now. I just think "1 year old" sounds so much older than 11 months. I've been looking forward to this, counting the days, and telling people he would be one at the end of the month. Well, the end of the month is finally here and now I'm not ready! Funny how that works.