Sunday, May 24, 2009

A quick catch up

So, I guess it has been a while since I've posted anything. We have been going non-stop the past few months, so let me fill everyone in...

First, some great news! Matthew is just about cleared from his peanut allergy!! We've been taking him to the chiropractor since he was a few months old. One day while we were waiting in his office I saw a sign that said to ask about chiropractic solutions to allergies. I assumed that it was for pollen since it was about that time of year, but made a mental note to ask about food allergies. Sure enough, Dr. Bowker said that he could help and over a series of treatments Matthew's brain would be "reprogrammed" so it wouldn't view peanuts as an allergen. Steven jokes and just calls it voodoo. This website explains it all. Its amazing! Matthew has been eating small amounts of peanut butter 3 times a day, everyday for about a month now...with NO reactions! Praise the Lord!

Some other "exciting" but maybe not so great news is that our house was just broken into! The police figure it was just some kid since it was mostly just a smash and grab. I keep Matthew's diaper bag right by the door, they probably saw it, thought it was a purse so they went for it. The crazy part was that it was in the middle of the night while we were home! They smashed the window on our door with a brick....completely shattering the window, (there was glass covering all my kitchen and some of the dining room) and we didn't hear a thing! Steven's parents were visiting that same weekend. His dad was the one who discovered it all and woke us up by calling for us (very loudly). Honestly, we were both pretty annoyed that he was waking us up at 6:30 on a Saturday! Steven commented that he was going to be coming back to bed once he went to see what his dad wanted. But when he came back to our room all he said was "The backdoor window is broken is and there is a brick outside, I think we were broken into." then he left. That was it. So you can just imagine the whirlwind that started. Praise the Lord I had taken my wallet and check book out of the diaper bag that same night and switched it over to a purse! Praise the Lord nothing more serious happened! We now have a beautiful new door with new locks! That was one house project that was scheduled for the summer and was done a lot earlier expected!

Lastly, Steven is going to, Lord willing, get a decent break this summer! Because of cut backs in the Gaston Co. school system there is no summer school (he was planning to teach) and he has decided to pass on taking summer classes at UNCC. So, he will be working at the video store still, but he will be home more and able to do some real vacationing! He only has 2 more weeks of school left, then he will be at camp for a week! It is going to be a great summer!

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  1. Good to see an update! :-)
    That's terrible about your house being broken into.. so glad it wasn't anything worse though!
    That will be great for Steven to have more of a summer break.. I know you're all looking forward to it!! Love you!